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Stryker F41 Setup

Setup Guide Lines - Wes @ gaspartsplus


Congratulation on your purchase of a Stryker F41 Cat! Many others before you from play boaters to serious and successful racers have chosen Stryker for its performance and quality.  The dimensions given in this guide are a result of input from many Stryker owners.  So let’s get started!


Engine Location

Measuring forward from the transom to the center of the spark plug should be Approximately 12 5/8 “ Keep in mind the angle you mount the engine so that you have a smooth transition for the flex cable and stuffing tube. Once you have determined the engine position you will have to trim a small amount from the top of the right stringer for carb clearance.


Strut Location

The front of the drive dog approx. 3 ¼” back from the transom and the leading edge of the rudder 5” from the transom. The center of the rudder will be 1 7/8” from the strut. If you have other hardware you would like to use stay close to these dimensions. Locate the strut mount in the center of the transom as high as possible against the deck lip. This will allow you to adjust the strut above as well as below the bottom of the sponsons.

Radio Box

After engine, strut, and stuffing tube are installed locate radio box. The radio box is placed behind the engine and so as to clear the stuffing tube.

1. Mark where rear of box is located.

2. Drill holes for rear rubber stops and install.

3. Install box against rear stops and locate front stops tightly against box. Trace around stops with pencil. Remove box and drill and mount front stops.

Box should now fit snugly when install between stops. The rubber band posts can now be installed. CAUTION! Be sure radio box stops are place so as not to interfere with push rods and seals.

Parts used for radio box stops can be purchased at you local hardware and auto store.

1. ¼” dia. ½” long plastic spacers

2. Rubber automotive vacuum hose.3. 6-32 x 1” screws, washers, and nuts. The plastic spacers are pushed inside the rubber vacuum hose


Fuel Tank

A 16 oz. gas bag works very well. Mount in front of the engine between the bulk head and the engine.


Depending on the engine (stock or mod) good props are 7016/2, 6717/3, 6718/3.


Lets Test It !

A good starting position for the strut will be with the prop shaft level with the bottom of the rear sponsons, and a slight angle up on the prop. Once you have the boat on the water you can begin to fine trim. This will involve several things. Prop choice will be a big factor. Some will have more lift then others, and this will affect the ride angle of the hull.


Depending on what the hull is doing with the prop you are using will determine you adjusting the strut angle and or depth. If you are new to boating please ask for assistance from one of the more experienced boaters in your area.



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