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RC Boatworks Y6

RC Boatworks Y6 has proven it’s self-time and again. Designed in 2006 (Year 6) is a great handling and staible boat. This hull has won many championships and is the preferred hull by some of the best racers in the world. The hull is 46in long and weights around 7lb. Our carbon fiber hull weights about the same but is a lot stronger. If your looking for a easy, predictable and fast mono for the highest level of competition then the Y6 is your winning choice. (cowl sold separately) Polyester Resin Layup

RC Boatworks Y6

SKU: 0001
  • Y6 White $375.00

    Y6 Color $399.00

    Y6 Carbon Top & Color Bottom $ CALL

    Y6 All Carbon $ CALL

    Y6 Cowl $ CALL (cowl sold separately)


  • Length   46 in

    Width    - in

    Height   - in

    Weight   7 lbs

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