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RC Boatworks T-44

Setup Guide Lines - By Alan Terry

This build was with speed master hardware, the boat is also built with Rum Racing Hardware. It is also set up square drive for the drive system.

1. Mount strut in the center of the transom

2. Mount the rudder 2-5/8" to the right of the centerline of the strut

3. Mount high torque steering servo and install linkage

4. Mount throttle servo

5. Place battery and receiver in radio room where they will be mounted

6. Cut the stringer down as shown for clearance of the card, also cut the front lip off of the radio box for added room to access cable collet later.

7. Mount the pipe mount to the left of the strut 3-1/8" (if using a 90 header)

8. Place motor in the hull measuring from the transom forward 11-5/8 to the cooling fins. ( may need to adjust depending on the layup of the hull.)

9. Find the CG that you are wanting to run (I like to run about 32-1/2%) drill and mount the motor at around 19 degrees (or to where the front motor isolator is 3/16" from the top of the stringer

10. Mount the gas bag to where it is half way under the motor with the outlets facing the front of the boat. I like to make the gas bag mount out of a 4-40 rod and a couple shaft collars. Keeps it nice and lite.

11. Now drill the hole for the stuffing tube and fiber glass the tube in. This is the most time consuming part of the build. Take your time and do a nice clean job. It is difficult, as the tube comes through the tub right under the leading edge of the radio box.

12. With the hull on a flat surface, set the strut so that it is 3/16" above the sponsons and has a positive angle of .012 (to pick the nose up)

13. Now the rudder need a little work so that it can be set properly. Take the bottom and round it so there is no flat on the bottom. Then take the top hole in the rudder blade and elongate it towards the lead edge of the blade half the distance from stock this will allow the rudder to be tucked forward to help lift the nose in the corners.

14. Mount the cowl anyway you like just make sure that it comes off easily as not to be damaged as it does so. (I like to use magnets)

15. Install water lines from rudder to the engine and engine to the outlet through the hull, add floatation, and let's go to the pond

Props -
26cc PWW 6717/3 405LL
29.5cc PWW 7016/3 405

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