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Stryker Y6 Mono

Setup Guide Lines - By Ron Buck

This is not a cook book some experience is needed.



1. engine – Measure from the rear of the water jacket to the

            outside of the transom 15”to 15 ½”


2. stinger – The bottom of the stinger to the V of the hull is

              1/8 to 3/16”. Distance from transom to outside of drive dog is

              approx.  4 3/8”

             Once the engine and stinger have been mounted

             the stuffing tube can be installed. The tube should run

             parallel with the bottom of the hull up to within approximately

                      3 inches of the motor. Then a gradual curve up to the square drive.

This will allow clearance under the radio box.

I like to use 5/16 O.D. brass tubing with 2 pieces 11/32 OD about 1.5 inches long soldered at each end of the stuffing tube about ½ inch.


 3. rudder – Measure from the center of the prop shaft to the

                   center of the rudder 1 ½” to 2”.

                   Leading edge of rudder to transom approx. 6”

                  Check to be sure the mounting screws do not

                   interfere with the engine rails.


 4. trim plates – Measure from the V to the inside edge of the trim plate 2 1/8”.

                         The plates should not be below the bottom of the hull.  Also again

                                  make sure the mounting screws will clear the engine rails.


 5.  turn fin – Locate the turn fin on the far right of the

                         transom. It should be at 90 deg. With the bottom

                        of the hull and trim plate. The sharp leading edge

                        should be lined up on the outside edge of the hull.


 7. gas tank – locate just in front of engine.


8. radio box -   After engine, strut, and stuffing tube are installed locate radio box ,

                         see picture. I like using a T-Bar and rear Mounting plate for

                                 stuffing tube support. See last pictures at end.

  a.    Mark where rear of box is located.

  b.    Drill holes for rear rubber stops and install.

  c.        Install box against rear stops and locate front stops tightly against box. Trace

       around stops with pencil. Remove box and drill and mount front stops.

   Box should now fit snugly when install between stops. The rubber band

   posts can now be installed.

CAUTION! Be sure radio box stops are placed so as not to interfere with push rods exiting the box.

Parts used for radio box stops can be purchased at you local hardware and auto store.

1.      ¼” dia. ½” long plastic spacers with hole for 6-32 screw.

2.      rubber automotive vacuum hose.

3.      (4) 6-32 x 1” ss round head screws & (2) 6-32 ss flat head screws, washers, and nuts.

4.      use flat head screws counter sunk into engine rails for Gen 2

radio box rubber band posts.


These measurements  are with Ron Buck hardware. 


8. Adjustments:


     Trim Plates.. place a straight edge on bottom of hull

                                  Adjust right plate down approximately 1/64”

                                  left plate down slightly.

                          The plates will be used to adjust the boat to run flat or

                                   level left to right.

     Outdrive.. place a straight edge on bottom V of hull and

                               adjust outdrive level or down slightly at rear.

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